A List of the 53 announcers who’ve brought us joy, calling Super Bowls on network TV and radio

33 are still with us and 20 are deceased

On the morning of the Super Bowl, let’s wish continued success to current and past network TV and radio Super Bowl voices who are either working the broadcast today or  home following the game. There are 33 alive and with us.

Let’s also remember the 20 deceased and heavenly Super Bowl voices who stamped so many broadcasts with their play-by-play and analysis.

JoeBuckTV play-by-play
GregGumbelTV play-by-play
AlMichaelsTV play-by-play
JimNantzTV play-by-play
JackWhitakerTV play-by-play
TroyAikmanTV analyst
CrisCollinsworthTV analyst
DanDierdorfTV analyst
BobGrieseTV analyst
JohnMaddenTV analyst
PaulMaguireTV analyst
TonyRomoTV analyst
PhilSimmsTV analyst
JoeTheismannTV analyst
JohnBrodieTV/Radio analyst
BoomerEsiasonTV/Radio analyst
BobTrumpyTV/Radio analyst
MarvAlbertRadio play-by-play
DonCriquiRadio play-by-play
HowardDavidRadio play-by-play
KevinHarlanRadio play-by-play
EdInglesRadio play-by-play
JayRandolphRadio play-by-play
DanFoutsRadio analyst
RayGeraciRadio analyst
MikeHolmgrenRadio analyst
SonnyJurgensenRadio analyst
JimKellyRadio analyst
MattMillenRadio analyst
BobTuckerRadio analyst
LesleyVisserRadio analyst
KurtWarnerRadio analyst
TomHedrickRadio play-by-play and analyst
DickEnbergTV play-by-play
CurtGowdyTV play-by-play
RayScottTV Play-by-play
TomBrookshierTV analyst
PaulChristmanTV analyst
JackKempTV analyst
DonMeredithTV analyst
MerlinOlsenTV analyst
AlDeRogatisTV/Radio analyst
KyleRoteTV/Radio analyst
JackBuckTV /Radio play-by-play
FrankGiffordTV pxp and analyst
PatSummerallTV pxp, TV/Radio analyst
JackDreesRadio play-by-play
CharlieJonesRadio play-by-play
AndyMusserRadio play-by-play
BobReynoldsRadio Play-by-play
JimSimpsonRadio play-by-play
GeorgeRattermanRadio analyst
HankStramRadio analyst

Through 53 Super Bowls, the networks have never had an African-American analyst in the booth

Ken Levine: “The highlight was clearly Gladys Knight singing the National Anthem”

CBS’ telecast: Voices make the best of a Super Bowl with little material

Dan Mason on the CBS Telecast: Nantz gets a B+, Romo was limited because it was a defensive game

Tom Hedrick, 84 and Jack Whitaker, 94, are only two voices alive from ’67 inaugural Super Bowl

David J. Halberstam
David J. Halberstam

David is a 40-year industry veteran who served as play-by-play announcer for St. John's University basketball in New York and as radio play-by-play voice of the Miami Heat in South Florida. He is the author of Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History.

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