Stanley Cup

NHL Playoffs: The long history of Stanley Cup broadcasts in America and Canada; Turner and ESPN

2023 Stanley Cup The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. Currently, it is the […]


Bob Costas, America’s long time MLB commentator, shares his thoughts on the pitch clock

Checking in with the always principled Bob Costas Baseball generally moves slowly. Yet at […]

Halby's Morsels

Halby’s Morsels: Ernie Harwell remembers the odor of the Old Polo Grounds; The Turner NBA Quartet

Polo Grounds – Urinating in a paper cup Mild and modest, Ernie Harwell is […]

Great Voices

Red Barber and Mel Allen; First two honored HOF broadcast greats, but not the best of buddies

Mel Allen and his relationship with Red Barber + These two pioneers were held […]


The NBA Playoffs proceed; Big markets alive: NY, LA, SF, Philly, Boston, Denver, Phoenix and Miami

Basketball’s Top Markets alive Two NBA games tonight and two tomorrow Their pursuits began with […]

Analysts Announcers

For the weekend: Good info viewing for NFL Draft and NBA play-by-play on both ESPN and Turner

ESPN – Turner  NBA Weekend Malika Edwards is good and a bit jittery which for […]


The colorful careers of Brent Musburger and Chick Hearn and how the latter felt about the former

Chick Hearn on Brent Musburger in May, 1975; Two opinionated men Brent was new […]


The best ten former coaches, who also worked as NBA TV analysts; Listed by depth and time in grade

Like it or not, TV is still considered an analyst’s medium. The role of […]


The big NBA play-by-play voices during the 60s and 70s; From Hearn, Marv and Most to Karvo and King

The outstanding names by broadcast market in the 60s and 70s: The ten NBA […]


Halby’s Morsels: The Good and bad; Dulcet voices: Ones that carry; Gus Johnson pursues PHD

Charley Steiner is cutting back. Tim Neverett is getting more takes. Has the basics […]


Al McCoy, an Iowa kid, turns 90 next week; Scurried early in Phoenix; Retires after 51 years with the Suns

Chick Hearn told me a good number of years ago that the first NBA broadcast […]


Evaluating the great national sports announcers, for both material and strength of voices

Reassessing America’s wonderful announcers and how they are graded. These are not necessarily the best […]