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A busy week, on the field and off; Talkies opine: Sharpe, Bayless, Cowherd, Stephen A. have lots to say


From Dak Prescott to the Washington Redskins and from UFC to the resumption of professional sporting leagues, the talkies were buzzing about all sorts of topics this week on Twitter. When will Prescott’s pay day come? What will the Redskins new nickname be? Which fighter is the king of Fight Island? Will the NBA and NHL be able to resume play with no interruptions? While many questions remain unanswered, let’s take a peek into the activities of these professionals and see what’s happening on their end…

Hannah Storm (ESPN) – @HannahStormESPN

  • Earlier in the week, Hannah Storm was active on her Twitter platform. Storm retweeted a post from NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, relating to how Washington has officially announced that the franchise will be retiring its Redskins name and logo. The team will be replacing them with a new name and design that will enhance its tradition as an organization. Storm also retweeted a variety of posts relating to COVID-19; Elena Delle Donne’s request to opt out of the 2020 WNBA season due to medical reasons and the testing of Kansas City Chiefs’ and Houston Texans’ rookies for coronavirus. On a somber note, Storm also shared the shocking article in the Washington Post yesterday, which spells out sexual harassment allegations by 15 women who formerly worked for the Redskins. Quite a few of the team’s business and football executives were named by the women. (The allegations cost Larry Michael his job as the team’s head of broadcast content and as the radio play-by-play announcer. Michael had been the club’s voice for 16 seasons. He’s as well known in D.C. as any of the town’s sportscasters.)

Stephen A. Smith (ESPN) – @stephenasmith

  • Stephen A. Smith reacted to this week’s move by the Washington Redskins to retire their nickname of 87 years. Smith praised the organization for taking the action. Turning to the NBA, Stephen A. contends that “Russell Westbrook is the X factor to a Houston Rockets championship push” because of Westbrook’s ability to attack the basket and to draw defenders toward him while finding his open teammates on the perimeter for uncontested three-pointers. Stephen A. emphasized that Westbrook is the “key to propel Houston to winning the championship.”

Dan Le Batard & Stugotz (ESPN) – @LeBatardShow

  • New week, and it’s the same old comedic poll questions from Dan Le Batard and Stugotz. Let’s catch a glimpse at what the men were tweeting:

“Is a mushy apple the worst thing in the world?”

“Have you thrown up in the last half century?”

“Which chocolate chip cookie is better: hard or soft?”

Skip Bayless (FOX Sports) – @RealSkipBayless

  • As always, Skip Bayless’ Twitter feed was filled with engaging content this week. Bayless stressed the importance of white individuals to take note of the social justice messages that some NBA players will be post on the back of their jerseys. He believes that “the white community needs to be bombarded with constant messages that relate to #BlackLivesMatter and reminded again and again that #BlackLivesMatter because the conversation needs to be kept ablaze.” Like many football enthusiasts, fans wonder how long it will take and how much Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott, will eventually make. It’s been the talk of the week: Is Prescott a top QB in the NFL? Will he stay with the Cowboys long term? From Patrick Mahomes to Myles Garrett and from Derrick Henry to Chris Jones, NFL stars are beginning to fill their pockets. Lastly, Skip insisted that as a New England Patriot, Cam Newton “needs to be Cam” and ‘The Patriot Way’ will be more of ‘The Cam Way’ if Newton is “going to be the player he was in 2015.” Bayless means that Newton should be at liberty to celebrate on the field as he wishes.

Bayless on the Dak Prescott debate: “Oh, well, maybe Dak won’t try too hard and press, as he did while playing for a contract last season, and he’ll lift the Cowboys into a Super Bowl under the franchise tag this season and name his price in negotiations with Jerry Jones.”

Shannon Sharpe (FOX Sports) – @ShannonSharpe

  • Shannon Sharpe admires Miami Heat Forward, Jimmy Butler, for choosing not to want his name or a social justice message on his jersey in Orlando. By leaving the jersey blank, Sharpe expressed how he, himself, believes that Butler’s actions are thought-provoking. Sharpe claimed how he does not want to see anymore billboards or painted streets. Instead, he desires to see money being invested into black banks and black communities. This past Wednesday, July 15th, Cam Newton revealed how he had been texted by the Panthers back in March, informing him that he was being released. This made Sharpe furious.

“Cam gave Carolina everything he had, and after 9 years of great service, they didn’t have the decency to pick up the phone and call him? That’s cold.”

Colin Cowherd (Fox Sports) – @ColinCowherd

  • Colin Cowherd expressed his high regard for UFC Commissioner Dana White. Cowherd exclaimed, “The UFC is crushing it during this pandemic. Fight Island is just genius. Really impressive what they’re pulling off.” From title fights to other contests, the UFC has truly been electric. Cowherd also gave his brief scoop on NFL QBs for the upcoming 2020-21 campaign. He opined that Baker Mayfield will have a much better year than Sam Darnold. Furthermore, Colin Cowherd shared his rundown on why he believes Dak Prescott has still yet to get his big deal; “Prescott is not good enough to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl title.” Cowherd believes that Dak made a mistake in his negotiations with the Cowboys by wanting everything and too much in his deal.

Dick Vitale (ESPN Analyst) – @DickieV

  • Dick Vitale openly predicted that the Big 12 Conference will have five national elite teams during the 2020-21 basketball season: Kansas, Baylor, West Virginia, Texas Tech, and Texas. Vitale also was “glad to learn that the Washington Mystics will pay Elena Delle Donne in full whether or not she partakes in the upcoming season.” Finally, DickieV tweeted a post about how the Dick Vitale Gala is going to be virtual and broadcast from the ESPN headquarters, while still honoring 11-year-old, Will DeGregorio, who unfortunately passed away on June 2nd after a battle with cancer. Check out:  V Foundation




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Blake Taub majors in Sport Management at Syracuse University in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. He looks forward to a fruitful career in sports. When not at Syracuse, Blake resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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