College football quickly approaching! ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC getting set for a plethora of games

Yesterday marked the 105th birthday of Marty Glickman, the first well known broadcaster produced […]

Vin Scully’s most colorful call; Mays’ swing against Drysdale hit the foul pole or did it? A melee erupted

Personally, this call is as good as they come – It proved that Vin can […]

Vin Scully: A friendly voice who captivated fans with warmth, depth, insight and sweet play-by-play

Last week, sports broadcasters broke into collective tears when the very best baseball announcer ever […]

VIN SCULLY: A REMEMBRANCE PART TWO; Historian Curt Smith covers voice’s role in LA and nationally


Vin Scully: My last interview with the greatest sports voice; No play-by-player will ever be as missed

He gave me a hint but I didn’t want to hear it. Was he […]

News of Vin Scully’s death came late; David Hinckley’s story was thorough; LA puts patches on later this week

The first story I read of the death of Vin Scully, was written by David […]

With the death yesterday of the inimitable Vin Scully comes endless memories, led by his use of language

When I got up early this morning, I walked slowly, still half asleep to my […]

Bill Russell was also an analyst; Play-by-play voices must know the difference between radio and TV

Death of Bill Russell  George Mikan, the bespectacled 6′ 10 NBA Center of the […]

Graham McNamee: A true pioneer, no one to teach him; An eventual Ford Frick Winner

Graham McNamee America’s first broadcaster, including sports The nation’s first national radio announcer was […]

Baseball’s All-Star Game reaches its lowest TV rating ever; From a 26.8 in 1980 to a 4.5 Tuesday; Here’s why:

What has happened? Why have television ratings for baseball’s All-Star Game suffered such a […]

Halby’s Morsels: The All-Star Game; Earl Monroe; Ivy League voices; ‘Live Sports Media’ by SU’s Deninger

Mid-summer – Notes and factoids: There’s quick Joe and Slow Joe. No. this isn’t the […]

Halby’s Morsels: Baseball on TV and radio; Notre Dame; Northwestern; Florida State; Roy Firestone +

Contributor Don Haley Acerbic and trenchant fried, Don Haley chimes in again today. To […]