Fordham is spawning more sports voices, but it’s no threat yet to Syracuse’s Newhouse: A closer look

Visible voices seeded by Fordham University During the last 25-30 years, Fordham University in the […]

In Chicago, Jeff Joniak will do his 22nd season of Bears radio; Jack Brickhouse’s record is 26

They have their shares of facilities: Chicago and Soldier Stadium, plus Wrigley Field and […]

NBC plans a baseball broadcast with no announcers; How sad! Anecdotes, rhythm and liveliness lost

When I first heard that baseball, under the title of MLB on NBC would air […]

Penguins ‘character’ Mike Lange followed others like Bob Prince, Myron Cope and Rosey Rowswell

Mike Lange – The longtime iconoclastic voice of the the Pittsburgh Penguins. Some of the […]

Longer games put stress on team voices; Not many do all 162 anymore; It’s exhausting

Baseball is a summer’s game. Fans watch and listen leisurely. It’s not like Harwell, […]

Jason Garrett, a Princeton man, will figure it out on NBC; Anyone remember Bert Kaempfert?

During the first half of 2022, the sports world was devoured by  off the […]

NFL’s senior tenured radio voices; Philly’s Merrill Reese + 10 voices – (at least 22 years with one team)

It’s true. The NFL never takes a breather. Camps for that matter open next month. […]

In 1967, an NHL’s newly enthroned franchise, the LA Kings hired Jiggs McDonald as club’s first voice

The National Hockey League moved from six members to twelve, in one blitzing season, 1967-68. […]

Two men who like the limelight: First, Musburger was booted, now Sterling had games taken from him

Brent Musburger and John Sterling If it’s not one nonconformist it’s another. Brent Musburger […]

Musburger was let go by Vegas; Can Greg Papa return? He calls 49ers now, after 21 seasons with Oakland

D-Day In honor of the great Vin Scully, we remember June 6, 1944, 78 years […]

40 years of keeping stats for sports voices, Marty Aronoff is fighting back after a collapse in the booth

If you’re a sports fan, you likely heard his name repeatedly through his decades […]

ESPN doing solid job on NHL Stanley Cup; Story told about John Sterling, talking to himself in booth and hotel

NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE ESPN had its choice of which conference final to televise and chose […]