Are the first two rounds of the Women’s Tourney fixed by the NCAA? How are the host cities selected?

Unlike the men’s magical NCAA tournament, the women’s event seems nothing more than a fixed […]

Wilt Chamberlain took command on the basketball court in the 1950’s; He can score, rebound and throw assists

A few days ago we passed the 62nd anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s amazing 100-point game. […]

One man’s vote against Brent Musburger’s entry into the Pro Football HOF; A checkered past?

There’s been some noise lately for the NFL to name Brent Musburger its next […]

Rich Podolsky chimes in on the Super Bowl telecast on Sunday, Tony Romo and more

First let me say that Tony Romo had a great game analyzing Super Bowl 58 […]

The NFL propelled in the 1960s and 70s; “You are looking live,” CBS’ Musburger would declare!

“You Are Looking Live!” the Documentary on CBS Sunday at 1pm (Editor’s note: CBS will […]

At an estimated $16-17 Million per CBS pays Tony Romo he is now being criticized for a lack of engagement

Does CBS Have a Tony Romo Problem? CBS has been bombarded with negative media recently […]

Heavily rooted ESPN is shredding itself in front of its own viewership; Pat McAfee seems unacceptable

How Low Can Scandal-Ridden ESPN Go? How low can you go? Apparently for ESPN […]

Washington knocks off Texas on a bizarre Monday night; Wolves vs. Huskies for title in Houston

ESPN Broadcast Teams Silent When Needed Most Monday Night I have found the broadcast team […]

In the thick of his career as an HBO Boxing voice, Larry Merchant was as tough as they come

Larry Merchant Was as Tough as They Come Early last week 92-year-old Larry Merchant was […]

ESPN puts more salt on a forgettable summer; Mark Jackson is the latest victim; Rich Podolsky explains why

Is Mark Jackson the Victim of Disney’s Rotten New Films?  ESPN is setting some kind […]

Rich Podolsky speaks out about the rotten firings of decent human beings and good ESPN voices


ESPN makes steep cuts of voices, rocking viewers; Jeff Van Gundy, Suzy Kolber and double-digit others

ESPN drops some favorite voices to pay for Pat McAfee’s $85 million podcast Last Friday […]