Big Ten’s return: Media responds, Brando projects Pac-12 to follow; How will safety be enforced?


The Big Ten news sparks Big conversations

The Big Ten is back! On September 16th, The Big Ten Conference announced their official plans to restart the fall season, reversing its earlier decision in August to postpone the season until 2021. The season is set to start October 24th and will end December 19th, just one day before the college football playoff announcements (Full schedule is below).The Big Ten has also implemented a strict safety protocol including “a daily rapid testing plan” (ESPN) for all fourteen schools. Players will be tested prior to every practice. If a player tests positive, he will be suspended from play for twenty-one days.

Since the announcement was made by the Big Ten Conference, players, fans, and broadcasters have been talking about the news. For the most part, people have responded positively and have jumped back into conversations of whether or not Justin Fields will lead Ohio State to a college football championship or if the Pac-12 will follow the Big Ten and start their season soon. On the flip side, other voices in sports including Dominique Foxworth and Paul Finebaum, have questioned whether the voices of the players will actually be taken into account and how the pressure for the Big Ten to have a fall season sheds light on the business of college football.

Taking to Twitter, these are responses from five commentators who paint a picture of some of the ongoing conversations that have surfaced in response to the Big Ten 2020 Season.


Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports, tweets two questions in response to the news. The first, is how the Big Ten will be worked into the College Football Playoff and the second question is whether players can opt out of the season or not.

Tim Brando of Fox Sports, wittily tags the Pac-12 in his tweet to theorize that they will follow the Big Ten and have a season this fall.

Former NFL player and current ESPN contributor, Dominique Foxworth, attaches a clip of himself appearing on Get Up and comments on how the Big Ten doesn’t prioritize the safety or concerns of the athletes.

Rece Davis of ESPN, also attached an interview clip of himself where he addresses the improvements that the Big Ten made in this recent announcement and plan to start their season, then when they decided to postpone their season in August.

Mike Hall of the Big Ten Network started a twitter thread of the all preseason storylines to focus on this year. Some topics include Ohio State going for their fourth Big Ten title and whether or not the Minnesota Gophers will be able to keep up the intensity they had last year.

For further information on the Big Ten announcement here is the ESPN Article I cited by Adam Rittenberg and Heather Dinich. Click here

The news of a Big Ten season has to be encouraging to the schools’ play-by-play voices:

Illinois                  Brian Barnhart

Indiana                Don Fischer

Iowa                    Gary Dolphin

Michigan             Jim Brandstatter

Mich State           George Blaha

Minnesota            Mike Grum

Northwestern       Dave Eanet

Nebraska              Greg Sharpe

Ohio State             Paul Keels

Penn State           Steve Jones

Purdue                 Tim Newton

Wisconsin            Matt Lepay


Big Ten schedule:


Oct. 24

Nebraska at Ohio State | FOX
Michigan at Minnesota
Penn State at Indiana
Iowa at Purdue
Illinois at Wisconsin
Rutgers at Michigan State
Maryland at Northwestern

Oct. 31

Ohio State at Penn State
Michigan State at Michigan
Wisconsin at Nebraska
Northwestern at Iowa
Minnesota at Maryland
Purdue at Illinois
Indiana at Rutgers

Nov. 7

Michigan State at Iowa
Maryland at Penn State
Purdue at Wisconsin
Rutgers at Ohio State
Michigan at Indiana
Minnesota at Illinois
Nebraska at Northwestern

Nov. 14

Penn State at Nebraska
Wisconsin at Michigan
Ohio State at Maryland
Iowa at Minnesota
Indiana at Michigan State
Northwestern at Purdue
Illinois at Rutgers

Nov. 21

Iowa at Penn State
Indiana at Ohio State
Purdue at Minnesota
Michigan at Rutgers
Wisconsin at Northwestern
Michigan State at Maryland
Illinois at Nebraska

Nov. 28

Penn State at Michigan
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Nebraska at Iowa
Ohio State at Illinois
Northwestern at Michigan State
Maryland at Indiana
Rutgers at Purdue

Dec. 5

Ohio State at Michigan State
Maryland at Michigan
Northwestern at Minnesota
Indiana at Wisconsin
Iowa at Illinois
Penn State at Rutgers
Nebraska at Purdue

Dec. 12

Michigan at Ohio State | FOX
Wisconsin at Iowa
Michigan State at Penn State
Minnesota at Nebraska
Illinois at Northwestern
Purdue at Indiana
Rutgers at Maryland

Dec. 19

Big Ten Champions Week — East vs. West

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