2023 NCAA Tournament

By tomorrow night, we’ll be down to a Sweet 16; Stu Jackson is settling in as head of West Coast Conference

Weekend NCAA Tournament Games, times and broadcasters

Stan Van Gundy – always sounds comfortable – no matter the comment.

Andy Katz is best prepared of sideliners. He lives college ball and CBS wisely gave him a more prominent role, in Denver. I like the duo of color analysts too, Steve Smith and Avery Johnson. Neither is flashy. They both know the game. Years ago, Smitty, 54 at the end of the month, made a significant contribution to his alma-mater Michigan State.

Avery Johnson doesn’t scream or yell, yet makes simple explanations, demonstrating a love for the game. Johnson, 57, went to Southern University and later coached the Dallas Mavericks.

Ran into Stu Jackson yesterday here in Denver – He’s settling into his new gig in the Bay Area as commissioner of the West Coast Conference. I knew him a bit in his days with the Knicks as a coach. A very humble and soft-spoken gentleman.

The one school the WCC is identified with first is Gonzaga.

If Houston advances, we’ll see how he expresses his emotions. Remember he went to school there and was on the school’s golf team. He says he was close with legendary coach there, Guy Lewis.

If you don’t feel for Purdue, you don’t have a heart.

Second Round Games – Saturday, March 18

12:10 p.m., CBS, Orlando, FL, (13) Furman vs. (5) San Diego St.,

Kevin Harlan / Dan Bonner / Stan Van Gundy // Lauren Shehadi

2:40 p.m.*, CBS, Orlando, FL, (5) Duke vs. (4) Tennessee

Harlan / Bonner / Van Gundy // Shehadi

5:15 p.m., CBS, Des Moines, IA, (8) Arkansas vs. (1) Kansas

Brian Anderson / Jim Jackson // Allie LaForce

6:10 p.m., TNT, Sacramento, CA, (15) Princeton vs. (7) Missouri,

Brad Nessler / Brendan Haywood // Dana Jacobson

7:10 p.m., TBS, Birmingham, AL, (9) Auburn vs. (1) Houston

Jim Nantz / Bill Raftery / Grant Hill // Tracy Wolfson

7:45 p.m., CBS, Des Moines, IA, (10) Penn St. vs. (2) Texas

Anderson / Jackson // LaForce

8:40 p.m., TNT, Sacramento, CA, (7) Northwestern vs. (2) UCLA

Nessler / Haywood // Jacobson

9:40 p.m., TBS, Birmingham, AL, (8) Maryland vs. (1) Alabama

Nantz / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson


Second Round Games – Sunday, March 19

12:10 p.m.     CBS          Greensboro, NC   (11) Pitt vs. (3) Xavier                      

Ian Eagle / Jim Spanarkel // Evan Washburn

2:40 p.m.*     CBS          Greensboro, NC   (6) Kentucky vs. (3) Kansas St.     

Eagle / Spanarkel // Washburn

5:15 p.m.*     CBS          Columbus, OH     (7) Michigan St. vs. (2) Marquette     

Andrew Catalon / Steve Lappas // Jamie Erdahl

6:10 p.m.       TNT          Albany, NY         (5) Saint Mary’s vs. (4) UConn          

Spero Dedes / Deb Antonelli // AJ Ross

7:10 p.m.       TBS          Denver, CO         (6) Creighton vs. (3) Baylor           

Lisa Byington / Steve Smith / Avery Johnson // Andy Katz

7:45 p.m.*     truTV        Columbus, OH     (16) Fairleigh Dickinson vs. (9) FAU

Andrew Catalon / Lappas // Erdahl

8:40 p.m.*     TNT          Albany, NY         (5) Miami vs. (4) Indiana

Dedes / Antonelli // Ross

9:40 p.m.*     TBS          Denver, CO         (6) TCU vs. (3) Gonzaga                      

Byington / Smith / Johnson // Katz

David J. Halberstam

David is a 40-year + industry veteran who served as play-by-play announcer for St. John's University basketball in New York and as radio play-by-play voice of the Miami Heat in South Florida. He is the author of Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History and The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts.

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