Halby’s morsels and notes – Sports broadcasters; Changes; The Carays’ fourth generation in Baseball

Sporadic notes and morsels A bit of an overhaul will evolve on the A’s TV […]

Fighting an old challenge: Learn the rudimentary; Voices should adhere to proper grammar

John & Jane Can’t Speak English Properly  Fabricating a lexicon for sports commentators as […]

Lesley Visser’s pep and punch always sparkle; Sean McManus retires in the Spring; Stubborn Herbie won’t shush

On Lesley Visser and Sean McManus at CBS I had a chance to catch up […]

Broadcasters’ use of inside sports lingo, is a disservice to viewers and sponsors; Phrases can be annoying

In its Sept. 5 DealBook newsletter, the New York Times reported, “As of today, […]

The vision-disabled who listen to play-by-play; They appreciate the artistry and craft better than anyone

As a blind man, Ed Lucas (pictured above) was a fixture who strived to not […]

Original Heatster Tony Fiorentino, an assistant coach, plus a 14 year TV analyst, assesses what to expect

An original member of the Miami Heat in 1988, Tony Fiorentino was a handful of […]

Some problems I have with today’s play-by-play sports announcers; A continuingly changing business

One of many problems that I have with slow moving sports events like baseball, my […]

SoCal Voices of the past: Scully, Hearn, Enberg, Miller, Kelley and Lawler were among the best

As Los Angeles’ population ballooned, in the 60s through 80s, no two local announcers will […]

Bob Costas, America’s long time MLB commentator, shares his thoughts on the pitch clock

Checking in with the always principled Bob Costas Baseball generally moves slowly. Yet at […]

The NBA Playoffs proceed; Big markets alive: NY, LA, SF, Philly, Boston, Denver, Phoenix and Miami

Basketball’s Top Markets alive Two NBA games tonight and two tomorrow Their pursuits began with […]

For the weekend: Good info viewing for NFL Draft and NBA play-by-play on both ESPN and Turner

ESPN – Turner  NBA Weekend Malika Edwards is good and a bit jittery which for […]

The colorful careers of Brent Musburger and Chick Hearn and how the latter felt about the former

Chick Hearn on Brent Musburger in May, 1975; Two opinionated men Brent was new […]