Shoplifter Rex Chapman hired by CNN; Ron Franklin who died was booted by ESPN for sexist comments

When I was in fifth grade in the mid-1960s, I had an elderly teacher named […]

Hall of Famer Dave Van Horne pushed out by Marlins; Original Expos’ voice gone after 53 years

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Invincible basketball voice Dick Vitale maintains his unrelenting battle against cancer

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Is it fair for pro-goers to forego CFB bowl games? Danielson, McDonough and Brando opine

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Lesley Visser remembers trips with John Madden on the Cruiser; It drew crowds the size of a small concert

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“I met John Madden on a plane (of all places) on the way to Hawaii for ‘The Superstars,'” NFL TV changed forever

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Vin Scully! Catching up with the best sports voice ever; An inspiration for all; He still sounds terrific at 94

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Top 100 NETWORK voices in a century of broadcasting; From TV to radio and through the U.S.

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NFL: 2021’s top dozen team voices; What makes each play-by-player different or special?

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NBCUniversal has three challenges to overcome when traveling to China to produce the Beijing Olympics

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Monte Moore, 91, survived Charlie Finley and the unsteady voices the A’s owner hired and fired

Monte Moore survived. The rest didn’t. In one day, out the next. The mic men […]

Fox’ Tim Brando takes on the CFP Committee; criticizing the process by which schools are selected

As far as I could tell, Tim Brando is the only one way […]