Vin Scully’s most colorful call; Mays’ swing against Drysdale hit the foul pole or did it? A melee erupted

Personally, this call is as good as they come – It proved that Vin can […]

Columnist asks a simple question: What’s missing from MLB telecasts? Enough “launch angles!”

Baseball broadcasting has changed over the years, and in my opinion not for the […]

Ken Levine: Active Hollywood script writer and ex-MLB voice, critical of Fox’ ASG voices and more

Thank you MLB and Fox for utterly destroying the Major League Baseball All-Star game. […]

Bud Collins was considered the best known TV tennis commentator ever; Dick Enberg and he were a great team

Colorful, creative and charismatic, Bud Collins was one of the most important media figures […]

MLB lacks its once dominance of over-the-air network TV; In his day, Dizzy Dean was appointment viewing

Baseball’s 2022 regular season reaches mid-season with little exposure so far on daytime weekend network […]

Halby’s Morsels: Major changes at Florida coming; Two veteran voices leaving, both UF and FSU

A rough stretch for Florida: Last week, the biggest broadcast sports personality in town […]

Fordham is spawning more sports voices, but it’s no threat yet to Syracuse’s Newhouse: A closer look

Visible voices seeded by Fordham University During the last 25-30 years, Fordham University in the […]

Hank Goldberg, a Damon Runyon original, passes at 82; an ESPN oddsmaker and Miami radio talkie


NBC plans a baseball broadcast with no announcers; How sad! Anecdotes, rhythm and liveliness lost

When I first heard that baseball, under the title of MLB on NBC would air […]

Longer games put stress on team voices; Not many do all 162 anymore; It’s exhausting

Baseball is a summer’s game. Fans watch and listen leisurely. It’s not like Harwell, […]

Jason Garrett, a Princeton man, will figure it out on NBC; Anyone remember Bert Kaempfert?

During the first half of 2022, the sports world was devoured by  off the […]

JJ Redick expresses debatable opinions and draws strong reaction; NBA journeyman gets attention