Owners and GM’s make myopic decisions, firing their beloved voices; Derek Jeter is the last to err

This happened recently and it stuck to my craw. It triggered me to list similar […]

Frazier wins Basketball’s Hall of Fame broadcast Award; Wilt scored 100 points 60 years ago tonight; Notes

Walt Frazier You might have seen that Walt Frazier was bestowed with the Curt Gowdy […]

Please Al Michaels, don’t do it….Don’t say yes to working with Herbstreit; TNF TV looking at him

Kirk Herbstreit wants to be an NFL analyst in the worst way. If Amazon […]

With no warning, CBS’ Suzanne Smith hopped to KC and called the shots in the truck for the AFC title broadcast

Veteran CBS Sports director Suzanne Smith was sitting in her Connecticut home two weeks […]

Voices wrongly assume that Brady’s records will never be broken; Aaron and Maris got past Ruth

The way some sports commentators acted when Tom Brady announced his retirement you’d […]

On Super Bowl Weekend, we recognize the top 11 sports voices, 75 or older; still on-air today

It’s the sports event of the year. For that matter, Sunday’s Super Bowl is […]

Al Michaels, 77, oldest voice to call a Super Bowl, does his 11th, tying Pat Summerall on TV play-by-play

On Sunday, Al Michaels will nonchalantly pick up the NBC microphone in Southern California and […]

NBC promoted the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics, staying clear of politics; Tirico will be on the hot seat

    Perhaps no Olympics since the Berlin Nazi games in 1936 has received so […]

Halby’s Morsels: The Mannings; What’s next for MNF and Thursday nights?; Garagiola; A-Rod and Kay

No matter what comes of it, the Manning brothers will always be remembered for […]

Shoplifter Rex Chapman hired by CNN; Ron Franklin who died was booted by ESPN for sexist comments

When I was in fifth grade in the mid-1960s, I had an elderly teacher named […]

Hall of Famer Dave Van Horne pushed out by Marlins; Original Expos’ voice gone after 53 years

At 82, Dave Van Horne still has baseball’s strongest cords. If he’s lost an […]

Invincible basketball voice Dick Vitale maintains his unrelenting battle against cancer

I love pioneers. And college basketball’s Dick Vitale is one whose personality and energy […]