Pierre Houde given Foster Hewitt Award for hockey excellence; NBA Title series starts Thursday

2024 Foster Hewitt Award Longtime French-language Montreal Canadiens play-by-play announcer Pierre Houde was named the […]

The next Foster Hewitt Award Winner will be selected in 2024; NHL broadcasts

Four years ago, I wrote a piece for Sports Broadcast Journal talking about the […]

Royal families of NHL voices; Fathers and Sons grew it generationally, starting it on radio in the 1920s

Albert family Marv Albert (Rangers radio, various national arms on TV) Al Albert (Original radio […]

The NHL’s Team-by-Team list of voices for radio and TV; Faust is out in LA and Nickson will simulcast

The NHL is hitting the ice on both radio and television. Here’s the detailed roster […]

For dedicated NHL fans, there’s no better guide; Changes in place at ESPN and Turner

Jake Baskin loves the NHL, understands the depth of the game and what’s required to […]

Alex Faust was hired by the LA Kings for TV in’17, dropped in ’23 and touted by Alex Trebek for Jeopardy!

When Alex Trebek announced he would leave Jeopardy!, he suggested to his bosses that […]