2023 NCAA Tournament

CBS releases full broadcast schedule through first four days; It lists all talent; NIT too


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  • Here’s the list of talent for the first four days of NCAA competition and the launch of the NIT – all beginning tonight.
  • Not listed this year- Reggie Miller. What happened to him? Like Chris Webber, gone.
  • Stan Van Gundy makes it a trio of the Kevin Harlan team with Dan Bonner. Looks like CBS thinks that Bonner needs help. Not enough heft.
  • How about CBS having Nantz tail the University of Houston with Jim and his group. Look, this is his last Final Four. He followed Bret Musburger in 1991.The Cougars have a chance he said in CBS’ pre tourney post conference.
  • I always liked Greg Gumbel, 76. He appeals to many with his kind-sounding voice but he’s beginning to slip a bit.
  • We’ll see how ex Villanova coach Jay Wright does. Nothing unrestrained yet. To do well, How about some more space for the man?

Games and Voices

NCAA First Four – Tuesday, March 14

6:40 p.m.            truTV    Dayton, OH       (16) SE Missouri St. vs. (16) Texas A&M-CC   Tom McCarthy / Avery Johnson // Jon Rothstein

9:10 p.m.            truTV    Dayton, OH       (11) Pitt vs. (11) Mississippi St.

McCarthy / Johnson // Rothstein

NCAA First Four – Wednesday, March 15

6:40 p.m.            truTV    Dayton, OH       (16) Fairleigh Dickinson vs. (16) Texas Southern     McCarthy / Johnson // Rothstein

9:10 p.m.            truTV    Dayton, OH       (11) Nevada vs. (11) Arizona St.            McCarthy / Johnson // Rothstein

First Round Games – Thursday Afternoon, March 16

12:15 p.m.          CBS      Birmingham, AL         (9) Maryland vs. (8) West Virginia          Jim Nantz / Bill Raftery / Grant Hill // Tracy Wolfson

12:40 p.m.          truTV    Orlando, FL       (13) Furman vs. (4) Virginia   Kevin Harlan / Dan Bonner / Stan Van Gundy // Lauren Shehadi

1:40 p.m.            TNT      Sacramento, CA       (10) Utah St. vs. (7) Missouri                   Brad Nessler / Brendan Haywood // Dana Jacobson

2:00 p.m.            TBS      Des Moines, IA      (16) Howard vs. (1) Kansas   Brian Anderson / Jim Jackson // Allie LaForce

2:45 p.m.            CBS  Birmingham, AL  (16) SE Miss St./Texas A&M-CC vs. (1) Alabama Nantz / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson

3:10 p.m.            truTV    Orlando, FL     (12) Col. of Charleston vs. (5) San Diego St.  Harlan / Bonner / Van Gundy // Shehadi

4:10 p.m.            TNT      Sacramento, CA   (15) Princeton vs. (2) Arizona

Nessler / Haywood // Jacobson

4:30 p.m.            TBS      Des Moines, IA  (9) Illinois vs. (8) Arkansas

Anderson / Jackson // LaForce

First Round Games – Thursday Evening, March 16

6:50 p.m.            TNT      Birmingham, AL  (9) Auburn vs. (8) Iowa

Nantz / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson

7:10 p.m.            CBS      Orlando, FL       (12) Oral Roberts vs. (5) Duke

Harlan / Bonner / Van Gundy // Shehadi

7:25 p.m.            TBS      Des Moines, IA   (15) Colgate vs.  (2) Texas

Anderson / Jackson // LaForce

7:35 p.m.            truTV    Sacramento, CA   (10) Boise St. vs. (7) Northwestern           Nessler / Haywood // Jacobson

9:20 p.m.            TNT      Birmingham, AL    (16) N. Kentucky vs. (1) Houston                  Nantz / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson

9:40 p.m.           CBS      Orlando, FL       (13) Louisiana vs. (4) Tennessee                Harlan / Bonner / Van Gundy // Shehadi

9:55 p.m.            TBS      Des Moines, IA         (10) Penn St. vs. (7) Texas A&M            Anderson / Jackson // LaForce

10:05 p.m.          truTV    Sacramento, CA    (15) UNC Asheville vs. (2) UCLA

Nessler / Haywood // Jacobson

First Round Games – Friday Afternoon, March 17

Tip (ET)     Network  Site      Game            Play-by-Play/Analyst//Reporter

12:15 p.m.          CBS      Columbus, OH  (10) USC vs. (7) Michigan St.

Andrew Catalon / Steve Lappas // Jamie Erdahl

12:40 p.m.          truTV    Greensboro, NC    (14) Kennesaw St. vs. (3) Xavier

Ian Eagle / Jim Spanarkel // Evan Washburn

1:30 p.m.            TNT      Denver, CO       (14) UC Santa Barbara vs. (3) Baylor

Lisa Byington / Steve Smith / Avery Johnson // Andy Katz

2:00 p.m.            TBS      Albany, NY   (12) VCU vs. (5) Saint Mary’s

Spero Dedes / Deb Antonelli // AJ Ross

2:45 p.m.            CBS      Columbus, OH  (15) Vermont vs. (2) Marquette                Catalon / Lappas // Erdahl

3:10 p.m.     truTV        Greensboro, NC  (11) Mississippi St./Pitt vs. (6) Iowa St.

Eagle / Spanarkel // Washburn

4:00 p.m.            TNT      Denver, CO       (11) NC State vs. (6) Creighton                 Byington / Smith / Johnson // Katz

4:30 p.m.            TBS      Albany, NY  (13) Iona vs. (4) UConn

Dedes / Antonelli // Ross

First Round Games – Friday Evening, March 17

Tip (ET)     Network  Site    Game        Play-by-Play/Analyst//Reporter

6:50 p.m.            TNT      Columbus, OH  (16) Texas Southern/Fairleigh Dickinson vs.

(1) Purdue   Catalon / Lappas // Erdahl

7:10 p.m.            CBS      Greensboro, NC     (11) Providence vs. (6) Kentucky                 Eagle / Spanarkel // Washburn

7:25 p.m.            TBS      Albany, NY (12) Drake vs. (5) Miami

Dedes / Antonelli // Ross

7:35 p.m.            truTV    Denver, CO       (14) Grand Canyon vs. (3) Gonzaga                   Byington / Smith / Johnson // Katz

9:20 p.m.            TNT      Columbus, OH  (9) Florida Atlantic vs. (8) Memphis                  Catalon / Lappas // Erdahl

9:40 p.m.            CBS      Greensboro, NC  (14) Montana St. vs. (3) Kansas St.                Eagle / Spanarkel // Washburn

9:55 p.m.            TBS      Albany, NY  (13) Kent St. vs. (4) Indiana

Dedes / Antonelli // Ross

10:05 p.m.          truTV    Denver, CO  (11) Arizona St./Nevada vs. (6) TCU

Byington / Smith / Johnson // Katz

Thanks to Eye on Sky and Air on Sports

Always fun watching this post season tourney! It began in 1938 a year before the NCAA in 1939. The Final Four of the NIT has always been played at the Garden.


2023 National Invitation Tournament (NIT) 1st Round TV and Streaming schedule

Tuesday, March 14
7 PM- Toledo at Michigan
ESPN2: Doug Sherman, Cory Alexander 
7 PM- Hofstra at Rutgers
ESPNU: Connor Onion, Tim Welsh 
7:30 PM- Southern Miss at UAB
ESPN+: Joel Godett, John Williams 
9 PM- Villanova at Liberty
ESPN2: Derek Jones, Paul Biancardi 
9 PM- Yale at Vanderbilt
ESPNU: Roy Philpott, Ron Slay
9:30 PM- Bradley at Wisconsin
ESPN: John Schriffen, Fran Fraschilla
11 PM- Seton Hall at Colorado
ESPN2: Roxy Bernstein, Noah Savage 
11 PM- Eastern Washington at Washington State
ESPNU: Eric Rothman, Ben Braun 
Wednesday, March 16
7 PM- UCF at Florida
ESPN2: Mike Morgan, Mark Wise
7 PM- Oklahoma State at Youngstown State
ESPN+: Mark Neely, Jess Settles 
7 PM- Morehead State at Clemson
ESPN+: Dave Neal, Terrence Oglesby 
 8 PM- Alcorn State at North Texas
ESPN+: Peter Sousa, Kevin Lehman
 9 PM- Virginia Tech at Cincinnati
ESPN2: Mike Corey, Perry Clark 
 9 PM- Sam Houston at Santa Clara
ESPN+: Drew Carter, Adrian Branch 
10 PM- Utah Valley at New Mexico
ESPN+: James Westling, Richie Schueler
 11 PM- UC Irvine at Oregon
ESPN2: Dave Feldman, Sean Farnham 
David J. Halberstam

David is a 40-year + industry veteran who served as play-by-play announcer for St. John's University basketball in New York and as radio play-by-play voice of the Miami Heat in South Florida. He is the author of Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History and The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts.

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