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It’s Shakedown Saturday in College Football

It’s Week #4, a highly anticipated one. I’ve often bemoaned that CFB has a bad habit of scheduling too many important marquee games on the same weekend. However with the transfer portal/NIL era underway it’s clear that it’s not the issue it once was. The look no longer resembles the Colorado St/Colorado game as a PRIME (pardon the pun) reason why.

The game in the Mountain Zone

We’ve got an incredible number of important games in every time zone, but last week’s game in Boulder (a rivalry game in the Mountain time zone that finished in the wee hours of the morning in the Easternmost time zone).  On the field and in households across the country.

Deion Sanders aka COACH PRIME has transformed our sport, and much like major BRANDS Notre Dame, Alabama, and Ohio St. people are tuning to both root for and against the new look Buffaloes.

Truth be told many Coaches (some of whom are legendary in status) plus commentators that are former Head Coaches are uncomfortable coming to terms with Deion’s success.

The reason? It’s clear the Head Coaches job is no longer quite the same. Simply recruiting 5 star and 4 star players and stacking your depth chart after your fourth season isn’t enough anymore!

College Football Head Coaches today better understand that the here and now is what matters in this new era of our sport!

Coach Prime says, “I want ours NOW” and he means it!

The schedule does get tougher starting now and I fully expect an Oregon win in Eugene this week, but the bigger story is the narrative that he’s already created.

It’s apparent given the TV ratings for a game that ended at roughly 2:30am eastern time Sunday morning tells ya all you need to know about the intelligence and understanding of the collegiate television audience.

Deion had GameDay & Big Noon on site before last weeks late night comeback, and by Sunday night he made sure the 60 Minutes would have him on to drive home the brand.

Lastly, my old friend the departed Beano Cook would be the first to say, “Notre Dame always has material, and they’ve got the best home field advantage since the Kremlin.”

The Irish and Ohio State

The Irish could take down Ohio St. this weekend and like Colorado, it’ll be the “portal” that delivered them victory! Sam Hartman’s the difference. IMO (In my opinion) and I wanna wish NBC’s Noah Eagle, Ian’s son all “the best calling his first game under Touchdown Jesus.”

Some 34 years ago at age 33, this happened for me when #1 and defending National Champion, Notre Dame took the field against #7 and undefeated Pitt. I’ll never forget hearing the Victory March when I introduced them to our national audience on behalf of ESPN. The nascent Noah’s got Todd Blackledge an experienced star as his analyst and I wish him all the best.

Tim Brando

Tim Brando has covered college football and basketball nationally for 37 years. He began his network career at ESPN, before moving to CBS and is now at Fox Sports.. Brando is completely comfortable, be it on play-by-play or in the studio.

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