Halby’s Morsel’s: New Voices; College Hoops; Holly Rowe wins Curt Gowdy Award


Brandon Gaudin – New Braves TV play-by-player – husky voiced

This college basketball season is producing competitive games, many again are going down to the wire. This year, league standings are much tighter than ever. few dominant clubs, top to bottom.

In the nascent years of the Big East, the 1980s, college hoops erupted. In New York, Madison Square Garden and elsewhere were the stylish place to be. A ticket to the finals of the league tournament was an expensive proposition.

Jon Sciambi and Fran Fraschilla were on hand for the Kansas-TCU game last night, won by the Jayhawks. It’s one of those matchups that you just seem to know ,right at the tip, that KU would win. It happened by a late game surge. When the game ended, Frischilla said aptly, “He (Bill Self) won’t wow you to death. He just delivers.” In a day when the wealth of total titles is declining, national championships are rarely repeating in successive years. This season Self is defending his team’s 2022 championship.

ESPN’s Holly Rowe wins 2023 Curt Gowdy Award: Good for her. She’s been good on scattered assignments. Holly has battled illnesses with determination. She’s shown heart on the stage, particularly for women’s basketball. When these lofty recognitions are made, one wonders what the decision makers are thinking?

Could it be that other women are worth consideration. Think, Hannah Storm, Lesley Visser or Lisa Salters. Doris Burke is already enshrined already in the HOF. Burke’s visibility seems to be on the decline, dwarfed by the trio of Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. There’s nothing wrong with Ms. Burke’s aspiration but Jackson and Van Gundy have turned into the entertaining mic-men.  entertainers

It’s time for the HOF to seriously reconsider Brent Musburger for the Gowdy. For a man who did six NBA championship finals, it’s sad. He already stamped the pro and college game with a strong personality. Imagine, Brent had six NCAA Final Fours and half a dozed NBA Finals. The man can obviously stir it up. Brent had a little Howard Cosell behavior in him.

More candidates for the Hoops Hall? Five off the top of my head: Kevin Calabro, Kevin Harlan, Bill King, Greg Papa and Gene Peterson.

And by the way, how is it that Howard Cosell is still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? He only created the NFL on TV. There are no excuses. While I’m griping, I ask, are people ever completely liberated? Not rehiring Thom Brennaman by now, is unfair to him. He’s paid back considerably and will continue on the same path.

Dan McLaughlin was fired by the St. Louis Cardinals and their cable company, Bally. Unfortunately, Dan had several alcohol issues and he was charged with a felony after his third DWI arrest. McLaughlin said, “I’m dealing with this and seeking the treatment that I need. I ask for your privacy for me and my family.”

What’s next for the telecasts of the Cards? Replacing Dan will be a native son, born in St. Louis, and grandson of a local institution, Chip Caray. The latter was born in the area and went to college in the South. At age 57 he’s headed back home, in essence beginning a new career. A fourth generation has already started, seeded by Chip’s twins. Four generations continuing the nuttiness.

The Caray name is assertive in St. Louis. We’ll see how Chip does there. They can all sound like they’ll carry an assertive stick. Doing MLB on Turner wasn’t his best moment, he erred blatantly and was politely let go. So he continued with the Braves and successfully so.

If you’re following this scientifically (hardly), Brandon Gaudin also does the NFL for Fox and basketball for Westwood One. He’ll now have the Braves’ job, inheriting it from Chip Caray. While in High School, Brandon reached out to Chip Caray among other so called counselors. Interesting how this all came together and how it all connects.

Gaudin will be the voice the Braves and Caray the Cards.


David J. Halberstam

David is a 40-year + industry veteran who served as play-by-play announcer for St. John's University basketball in New York and as radio play-by-play voice of the Miami Heat in South Florida. He is the author of Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History and The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts.

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