It’s all in the family: 40+ sports broadcasting families, Sons and brothers are chips off the old blocks


I tried to do this as best as possible. It’s a list of sportscasters whose brothers, dads, spouses or other family members hold or held visible sports broadcast positions.

These broadcasters are listed in alphabetical order:

Marv, Al, Steve and Kenny Albert, Marv, the patriarch, first made his mark in New York in the 60s and later on network TV. Brothers Al and Steve were prominent too. Kenny is as visible and busy now as dad Marv was in his heyday.

Bob Barry Sr. and Bob Barry Jr., The elder Bob did a combination of either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State for a period of fifty years. His late son Bob Jr. was a sports anchor in Oklahoma City for a chunk of years and hosted coaches shows too.

Rick and Jon Barry, The former NBA great enjoyed prominence as a national broadcaster for Turner and others. He did both play-by-play and color. Son Jon, an NBA journeyman, has broadcast for ESPN. Another son Brent also did air work.

Gary and Trey Bender, Gary was briefly the lead play-by-play voice for CBS in the 80s. He did March Madness and more. Son Trey works games for ESPN extensions like ESPNU, ESPN+ and ESPN3

Joe and Mark Boyle, Joe was a well-known sportscaster in Minneapolis. He worked for KARE 11 and also did some Twins and North Stars games. Son Mark has been the Voice of the Pacers for 31 seasons.

Hubie and Brendan Brown Hubie is an NBA broadcast institution, bringing both style and substance to every telecast. He’s worked for CBS, Turner and is still with ESPN. Brendan has been an effective analyst on Knicks’ radio broadcasts for the last dozen years. Like father, like son.

Jack Buck, Bob Buck, Joe Buck, Michelle Beisner, Jack did it all, Super Bowls, World Series and an was an institution locally in St. Louis. By now, son Joe has far topped his dad in network visibility and time-in-grade; World Series, Super Bowls+. Bob, Jack’s brother was a sportscaster in St. Louis. Michelle, a former ESPNer is Joe’s wife. The Bucks are to sports broadcasting what the Bush family is to politics.

Marty and Thom Brennaman, From 1974 through 2019, Marty was the Radio Voice of the Reds. Son Thom, until recently, did lots of work for Fox, and called Reds’ games on TV.

Kevin and David Calabro, Longtime NBAer, Kevin called games for the old Seattle Sonics and until recently the Portland Trailblazers. Brother David has been an Indianapolis sports anchor since the early 1990s

Harry Caray and Jack Buck (sitting) in a plaid jacket in 1982

Harry, Skip and Chip Caray, Talk about broadcast royalty. Three generations of baseball announcers. Harry, the Cardinals and Cubs. Skip in Atlanta and nationally on Turner and Chip, the Cubs, Braves and Turner. Skip and Chip did years of the NBA too.

Joe and Duke Castiglione, Joe has called Red Sox games longer than anyone ever has, 38 seasons. Son Duke has done lots of anchoring, first in New York. He’s on-air in Boston now in a broader role.

Ken and Casey Coleman, Ken had a very nice career in baseball and football, Red Sox and Browns. His late son Casey was a longtime telecaster in Cleveland.

Cris and Jac Collinsworth, Cris is a prominent commentator for NBC’s NFL coverage. He worked previously for Fox. Son Jac is at NBC too as a feature reporter. He had worked at ESPN.

Don Drysdale and Ann Meyers, Baseballer Drysdale became a solid network and team broadcaster. His wife, basketballer Meyers, was an analyst for ESPN and NBC and teams like the Suns and Bulls.

Woody and Wes Durham, Woody was beloved in North Carolina as the Voice of the Tar Heels. Son Wes is the Voice of the Atlanta Falcons and does football and basketball for ESPN.

Ian and Noah Eagle, Ian is visible on CBS and Turner, doing the NBA, NFL and college ball. Son Noah at age 22 was hired by the Clippers as their radio voice.

Dave and Will Flemming, Dave does Giants and tons for ESPN. Brother Will is part of the Red Sox radio team.

Earl and John Gillespie, Earl was the voice of the Braves when they were in Milwaukee. Son John Sr. had a long television career in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr., Dad Mike was a longtime radio host of Mike and Mike and studio analyst on ESPN TV. Mike Jr. has been working on radio and does some football commentary for ESPN TV.

Sean Grande and Dana Jacobson Husband and wife. Sean is the radio voice of the Boston Celtics. He’s also done national work for Westwood One. Jacobson, a veteran network TV reporter works for CBS Sports.

Bob and Brian Griese, Two-ex quarterbacks, father and son. Dad Bob did college football for years on ABC with Keith Jackson. Brian is now a commentator on ESPN’s Monday Night Football

Matt Guokas Sr. and Matt Goukas Jr., Senior played briefly in the NBA and later turned to broadcasting in Philadelphia. Son Matt Jr. coached in the league, did lots of work in the 90s for NBC’s NBA coverage and later served as a color commentator for the Orlando Magic.

Greg and Bryant Gumbel, Greg is the older of the two brothers. NFL, NCAA Tournament and so much more. Bryant was the face of NBC Sports as the lead host in the 70s and early 80s. He’s now with HBO. Greg is still with CBS.

Kevin Harlan and Olivia Harlan Decker, A father-daughter connection. The sonorous Kevin is synonymous with network TV football and basketball. Olivia is a reporter for ESPN.

Foster and Bill Hewitt, Canadian Foster was the father of hockey broadcasting. All those years covering the Maple Leafs and Hockey Night in Canada. Father of Bill Hewitt was later the TV Voice of the Leafs.


and Chad Hartman, Icon Sid was a columnist and radio commentator for decades upon decades in Minneapolis. Son Chad called Timberwolves games and hosted sports talk in the Twin Cities.

Dan Hicks and Hannah Storm, Husband and wife team (left). Hicks is NBC’s golf voice and does more too, including Olympic swimming. Wife Hannah Storm is currently an ESPN anchor. She was with NBC for years including those when the network carried the NBA.

Ernie Johnson, Sr. and Ernie Johnson, Jr., Senior was one of the voices of the Braves in both Milwaukee and Atlanta. Junior is best known for hosting Inside the NBA. He’s also ably covered baseball.

Mark and Paul Jones, ESPN’s Mark is a mainstay on college football. He’s second on the depth chart for the network’s NBA broadcasts. Brother Paul is the radio voice for the Toronto Raptors.

Harry and Todd Kalas, The pipes of Harry were distinct. For decades he called Phillies games and was the Voice of NFL Films. Son Todd spent time in Tampa and is now a TV Voice of the Astros.

Dan, Hal, John and Daniel Patrick Kelly, Arguably the best network TV NHL announcers during his years on CBS. Son John does St. Louis Blues on TV and another offspring  Daniel Patrick did sports including soccer’s Fire in Chicago. The elder Dan’s brother Hal Kelly was a Canadian sportscaster.

Duane and Greg Kuiper, Popular Bay Area voices, Duane has done the Giants since the mid 80s with one year out to call the Rockies. Brother Greg, 57, 13 years younger than Duane has been with the A’s broadcasts since 2004.

Sal and Sam Marchianao, For decades, dad Sal was a New York fixture as a sports anchor on New York TV. Daughter Sam worked for MSG Network, ESPN and Fox Sports

Will and Sean McDonough, Will was a noted writer in Boston who covered the NFL for NBC. Sean is a star-studded TV voice who’s done just about every sport at a high level. He’s with ESPN.

Reggie and Cheryl Miller, Reggie has been a television fixture as a basketball analyst for both Turner and CBS. Sister Cheryl spent a couple decades as a basketball reporter most visibly for Turner.

Gene and Keith Morehouse, In 1970, Gene was the radio voice of Marshall University football when its DC-9 crashed returning from a loss at Eastern Carolina. His son Keith was nine at the time of his dad’s death. Like dad, Keith pursued broadcasting and has been a sports anchor in West Virginia.

Bob and Dave Neal, Bob called the NBA for Turner for over 20 years. Son Dave does college football and basketball for the SEC Network, managed by ESPN.

Billy and Mark Packer, Dad Billy is an icon. He covered 35 straight NCAA Tournaments for NBC and then CBS. Mark is a sports talk host in Raleigh.

Greg and Gary Papa, Greg is now the popular voice of the San Francisco 49ers. He’s also covered the A’s, Raiders and Warriors. His older brother Gary passed after a long sportscasting career as a sports anchor in Philadelphia.

John and Austin Rooke Voice of Providence College Basketball for 32 years. Son Austin is play-by-play voice of Providence Bruins, AHL.

Bill Rosinski and Bobby Rosinsky, Bill is the former Voice of the Carolina Panthers, Son Bobby does some football for ESPN3 and other tentacles

Ray and Hal Scott, Ray was CBS’ lead voice of football from the 60s through the early to mid 70s. He also called Minnesota Twins games. Hal worked as a sports anchor in Minneapolis for more than twenty years. 

Dick and Jeremy Schaap, Father and son. Late dad best remembered for The Sports Reporters and Jeremy for his in-depth ESPN feature reports and interviews.

Al, Wally and Jason Shaver, Three generations of hockey broadcasters. Al was the only voice of the North Stars during their years in Minneapolis, 1967-93. Son Wally does University of Minnesota Gophers hockey and grandson Jason does the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey League.

Phil and Chris Simms, Phil, Super Bowl winning Giants’ quarterback has been a longtime CBS analyst, seated in the both in-game and now in the CBS studio. Son Chris is also a broadcaster, having worked for several networks. He’s now with NBC Sports.

Don and Darron Sutton, The former Dodger pitcher spent many years broadcasting Braves’ games and son Darron worked as an announcer for Arizona, the Angels and Fox.

Dick Stockton and Lesley Visser, When married, you might say they were broadcast sports’ first couple. Stockton is still going for Fox, calling the NFL. Visser, a pioneer woman sports reporter is still with CBS. She remains active, encouraging and counseling aspiring women broadcasters. 

Buck and Errek Suhr, This one is a bit unusual. Don Fischer is in his fifth decade calling Indiana University football and basketball. Buck Suhr is his analyst on football and son Errek is his sidekick on basketball.


(Jake Baskin assisted with this article)

David J. Halberstam

David is a 40-year + industry veteran who served as play-by-play announcer for St. John's University basketball in New York and as radio play-by-play voice of the Miami Heat in South Florida. He is the author of Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History and The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts.

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Michael Green
3 years ago

I LOVE this. And “Chip” off the old block? Nicely done. I’ll add Ray and Hal Scott. Hal also broadcast in Minneapolis, as big brother Ray did, and worked some NFL for CBS. I always have felt bad when people say of the second generation that they wouldn’t have made it without their fathers. As Skip Caray once said, yes, of course, being Harry’s son helped him get started, but if he couldn’t do the job, he wouldn’t have been able to stay in the profession. Joe Buck doesn’t get to be #1 on Fox because Jack is running the… Read more »