No sports: ESPN, CBS, Turner, and Fox voices tell us how they’re coping and what they say to fans


With the suspension of sports activity, what are some prominent network broadcasters doing to fill their time? What are they telling fans? We reached out to some bigger national names and asked them to share their thoughts:

How are you spending your time during this period when sports are suspended?

Steve Levy, ESPN:

I’m spending my time wishing for a return to normalcy around the globe, while cherishing the opportunity to spend quality time with my three young children inside our home. Home schooling during the day, playing football and basketball with them in the front yard in the late afternoon and knee-hockey and horse in the playroom before bedtime. Then I grab a cold one (only one, ok, maybe two) and channel surf between the news networks and the sports networks showing classic games.

Dan Le Batard, ESPN:

I’m enjoying freedom from people and responsibility and the daily grind. Worried about everything from my parents to the country, but grateful that everything has slowed down.

Kevin Harlan, CBS and Turner:

Our family is together, so one of the positive things about this situation is getting time with my wife and children. On the work-related side, I am finishing up paperwork,organizing files and staying on top of the many NFL transactions.

Brad Nessler, CBS:

I was down to the final couple of weeks (NCAA Tournament) before my “down” time.  So, from a work standpoint, things haven’t changed that much. As far as being quarantined for the most part, there’s certainly a lot more time with our families that most of us (sportscasters) may not normally have. Most of my reading is always work related. Now, I’ve found time for pleasure reading which has been a nice change.

My skills on the pool table are better than they’ve been in quite some time. Unfortunately, so are my wife’s! And, there are all the projects you’ve put off forever; the closets, the garage and my office all need the classic cleanup. A good friend of mine did all those things in one weekend, then complained to me that he was bored. I said, “One thing at a time brother, spread things out, not all in one day!”

Brian Anderson, CBS and Turner

I’ve been busy around the house. We’ve been cooking, cleaning, exercising, doing odd projects as a family. I try to talk to a few of my friends a day to check in and connect with those outside my family. 

Dan Shulman, ESPN

Well, I am in self-isolation because of my work travel. I’m on day 10 right now(as of March 23d). My wife and I have a one-year old and a very active chocolate lab, so between those two, we keep very busy The dog is loving this. She is getting more attention than she ever has. Other than that, I’m doing some reading, watching some Netflix series and even taking the odd nap. But itching for life to get back to normal!

Chris Myers, Fox

I’ve spent time reading, watching video prepping for the MLB season, then started on NFL. I’m playing board games with my son, jogging some nearby hills alone for exercise and talking on the phone with family and friends I don’t get to talk to as often.

What message would you share with sports fans during this challenging time?

Steve Levy, ESPN

To sports fans out there I say, stay strong in every aspect of your life. That includes your love and how much you miss sports. Many of us will never take these games for granted ever again. I would be downright giddy to watch the worst pro sports matchup imaginable tonight. Should be proud to be a sports fan, it’s so evident now how much the real world needs the sports world on a daily basis and with that I mean the people in and around the game who allow the rest of us to sit back and enjoy and feel the emotions of sport, the highs and lows. But first things first, before we can get back to normalcy, we all have to be smart out there. Stay informed and stay well. We can do it together!

Dan Le Batard, ESPN

Just makes you appreciate the escape hatch all the more. Sports is usually the place where we get away from the bad stuff. Now there’s no getting away. We will treasure the escape all the more when it returns.

Kevin Harlan, CBS and Turner

We, who are fortunate to broadcast games, are like you the fans. We love the games as much as you do. And we miss it as much as you do. And like you, we all can’t wait until they return!

Brad Nessler, CBS

The best thing about this is the appreciation everyone will have, not just for sports but for the return of our everyday lives. Four years ago I missed six weeks of the football season recovering from surgery. I was never so happy to get back to work and see the inside of a football stadium. That feeling still hasn’t gone away. So I’m pretty sure sports fans and people who may not be that into sports are going to love it even more and be thankful to have back all the things we used to take for granted.

Brian Anderson, CBS and Turner

There will be games again! The best way to get our lives back to normal is to STAY HOME! Too many people are ignoring CDC warnings and this virus is spreading fast. It will run its course. But basically, if you have it, let the virus die with you or in your home. If you don’t, then don’t run the risk of exposing yourself.  

Dan Shulman, ESPN

First and foremost, obviously, is to listen to what our health professionals are telling us about what we need to do to be safe. After that, take care of your loved ones, be kind to strangers, and let’s hope the sports we love are back before too long.

Chris Myers, Fox

We’re all adjusting and making sacrifices and we’ll get through this. Sports fans are loyal and devoted. They put their heart and soul into the support of their teams. When the players and games return, however, and whenever they are back, we’ll be there to enjoy them and appreciate them even more. We truly are all in this together.







TJ Mathewson

TJ Mathewson is a graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. He is a native of Seattle, Washington and called ASU play-by-play for the student radio station and continues to write about sports and sports broadcasting for a number of platforms.

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