Not the expected HBO script: All those weeks of Hard Knocks and Antonio Brown is on the other coast

The 2019 Hard Knocks series will always trigger memories of an unstable Antonio Brown.  But […]


As football kicks off, TV sideliners share their roles and goals; Many are hard on themselves

  Michael Carter-Williams’ nose was bleeding like a faucet. The Orlando Magic guard had just […]


Ronald Reagan: The ‘Great Communicator’ advanced from sports announcer to the Oval Office

    “American Presidents, like great French restaurants,” said the writer and educator S. Douglass […]

Event Previews

ESPN, CBS and Fox release their weekend schedules of 75+ college games; Talent and times by network

Here’s the weekend’s college football schedule and announcer  information where available.   Comments: Profile of […]

Event Previews

NFL kicks-off tonight, Green Bay at Chicago: Brett Favre shared his memories of historic rivalry

The NFL begins its 100th season Thursday night as the Green Bay Packers visit the […]


NFL Week #1: List of TV talent and geographic game coverage; ESPN’s Steve Levy does first pro game

  NFL TV Week # 1 Fox has the doubleheader this weekend. By NFL rule, […]


Halby’s Morsels: No news is good news for Marv Albert; Dick Groat out after 40 years on Pitt radio

  With camps opening at the end of the month and no announcements to the […]


A summer at a college baseball league gives budding voices hands-on experience to hone their skills

  Summer college baseball leagues across the country give players a chance to gather, stay […]

Halby's Morsels

Halby’s Morsels: 49ers smartly hire Greg Papa; Hedrick only voice alive from first SB; Stories from the booth

  A delight hearing Greg Papa on 49ers broadcasts. Strong and gutsy decision by 49ers […]


President Jimmy Carter: While still Georgia governor, he gave Hank Aaron special tags, “HR-715”

    “American Presidents, like great French restaurants,” said the writer and educator S. Douglass […]


ESPN shortchanged viewers, sharing little background of the Taylor Townsend U. S. Open journey

Thursday afternoon at the U.S. Open, unseeded 23-year-old Taylor Townsend pulled off a tremendous upset, […]


The Athletic, in 40 U.S. markets, hits 600,000 subscribers; Fichtenbaum hires reporters and columnists

For a half century, Sports Illustrated was a widely celebrated magazine and a constant subject of […]