NFL Schedule

The Damar Hamlin setback in Buffalo last Monday is affecting scheduling

It’s been a rough NFL week. Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin frightened the football world and […]


More from Curt Smith on baseball: Disappointing news why Mel Allen was fired; His rehabilitation

Continuing our conversation with Curt Smith, the wonderful baseball broadcast historian and former U.S. presidential […]

Curt Smith - Historian

Curt Smith continues his love for baseball on radio and television; He’ll never forget the 60s and 70s

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll know the name Curt Smith. He’s written 18 books, […]


Recognizing top five sports network executives; Arledge, Ebersol, Hill, McManus and Simmons

Titans of Programming and Production: Important Figures Behind the Broadcasts  TOP FIVE – NETWORK SPORTS […]


CBS’ retired Bob Fishman, a giant network TV sports director for 47 years, being honored by DGA

When Bob Fishman graduated Boston University he wanted to get into broadcasting, and when WCAU […]

NFL Schedule

ESPN/ABC Monday Night’s Game, Cincy- Baltimore battle this Weekend; Sunday has 14 matches

NATIONAL  FOOTBALL LEAGUE NFL Week # 17 CBS has the doubleheader – Fox the single […]

Guest Columnist

An admirer of Vin Scully and a UNLV professor, tells how he met the Hall of Famer while a toddler

In August 2022, Jon Weisman, who has written beautiful essays on Vin Scully for his […]

NFL Schedule

This weekend America will be saturated with pro and college football, an everyday affair

A complicated weekend – A heavy NFL schedule over Thursday,  Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Lots […]


Vin Scully named 2022 Sportscaster of the Year; He died in August at 94; Other notables also identified

SPORTSCASTER OF YEAR – 2022 Vin Scully is inarguably sports’ best ever voice. He had […]


From the World Cup to the Immaculate Reception; Howard Cosell’s enormous pioneering work

This Week in Sports History 12/19 – 12/23   Oftentimes, the spectacle of sport […]


Yes, There’s college football’s Final Three; Yet there’s also a nice list of games leading into them

There are quite a few events that lead to the NCAA Football College Final Three. […]


NFL Week # 15: Only 11 games on Sunday, 3 Saturday on NFL Network with bookends tonight and Monday

These folks have earned their praise and pay. Noah Eagle, Ian’s son, just a few […]