Fox Broadcaster Tim Brando shares his views on the changes he expects this Fall in College Football

As I head out for our CFB opener in San Diego the same excitement is […]


The NFL? Want the weekend schedule for what’s on tap, beginning tonight, here you are!

The meatiest weekend in the pre-season was condensed a year ago by the league […]


Networks debut their college football; Noah Eagle gets his NBC primetime shot on Saturday

Quick Observations We’ll get an opportunity to see just a bit of college football this […]


Halby’s Morsels; TV vs Radio; When the networks ruled; Eric Nadel; Gowdy and Scully; Bill Russell

There’s video coverage of sports for just about every event today. Radio play-by-players paint games […]

Colossal Voices

Ten prodigious voices who leaped into play-by-play instantly and enjoyed a sustained career

Precocious Starters  I’m sure there are more. Yet great leaps right out of the […]

Athlete and Broadcaster

Sports broadcasters beyond baseball; Ex-players who turned into superb voices of their own

Jake Baskin examined the best former players of the past in a variety of sports […]

Baseball Broadcasting

The Kevin Brown Matter: Was he coerced under stress and extorted? Should he have been tougher?

The episode of Kevin Brown…..Who really knows where Kevin Brown was stretching during his suspension? […]

Owners grading voices

Kevin Brown, what happened to him? Never a dull weekend; Outcry by colleagues; Any loyalty?

A Few Things About TV sports Reporting That Annoys Me ESPN recently and unceremoniously […]

Athletes Who Became Voices

From stars, Drysdale to Kell and Kaat to Hoyt, they evolved into the best sportscasters in America

A good number of Play-by-Play announcers were once high-level athletes. (This doesn’t include analysts […]

Older voices

Not all voices 80 or older are still effective, be it play-by-play or as analysts; Others are right on it!

Those aged 80 and still working on game broadcasts. If I missed a few my […]


Halby’s Morsels: Change of talent at ESPN and CBS; Hoops honorees at the Hoops’ Hall; Walt Frazier

In the New York Post, this tumultuous summer at ESPN is making Bristol feel […]

ESPN Firings

Future broadcasters may not like what they face ahead, Salary declines; Dim future for ESPN

The summer of 2022 was wild. ESPN, Fox and Amazon spent on voices like art […]