Heavily rooted ESPN is shredding itself in front of its own viewership; Pat McAfee seems unacceptable

How Low Can Scandal-Ridden ESPN Go? How low can you go? Apparently for ESPN […]


Where are NFL teams heading? Miami-Kansas City; Pittsburgh-Buffalo and Green Bay-Dallas?

How did this happen. We’ll see them on NBC. Here come the Eagles. No, not […]


NFLs 2023, top local play-by-play radio voices: Of the best of the best, we’re presenting them alphabetically

Do you follow your radio announcers when the TV is sound shut down? Network […]


ESPN puts up its richest game on lots of Channels, Tons of versions, angles and voices

ESPN again celebrates its rich ownership of cable outlets. The depth of coverage won’t miss […]


Fox and CBS both have doubleheaders Sunday; It’s the last Week, #18 and into playoffs

The bad news is that Al Michaels is not at all active in NBC’s limited […]


Washington knocks off Texas on a bizarre Monday night; Wolves vs. Huskies for title in Houston

ESPN Broadcast Teams Silent When Needed Most Monday Night I have found the broadcast team […]


Full Charge to the national title game in Houston on Monday, January 8th; Many games ahead; ESPN dominates

The plethora of college games continue to a conclusion and determination: No. 1 Michigan vs. […]


A schedule made up of a peculiar NFL weekend; CBS loses 4% of its doubleheader inventory

CBS the doubleheader and Fox the singleton this weekend. Al Michaels won’t be on any […]


Fighting an old challenge: Learn the rudimentary; Voices should adhere to proper grammar

John & Jane Can’t Speak English Properly  Fabricating a lexicon for sports commentators as […]


In the thick of his career as an HBO Boxing voice, Larry Merchant was as tough as they come

Larry Merchant Was as Tough as They Come Early last week 92-year-old Larry Merchant was […]


It starts with the lower rated schools until our appetite grows and widens, and there’s a winner!

In Boca Raton, Florida tonight, the early Bowl Games won’t pit Michigan vs. Alabama. You’ll […]

NFL Schedule

Starts tonight; Trio of Games again on a Saturday; Many tight races will maintain eyeballs

16 games, all teams will play this long weekend. Fox gets doubleheader and CBS has […]