Halby's Morsels

Halby’s Morsels: A cynical view of Roone Arledge; ESPN’s NBA talent; More 70+ Voices; NFL TV rights

NBA on ESPN ESPN ran five games on Christmas Day.  The quintuple-header turned into an […]


Are teams now putting more weight on broadcast experience when hiring coaches and managers?

  How valuable is broadcast experience as a preparatory platform to coach or manage? If […]

Event Previews

NFL Week #17: All Games Sunday – Fox, (8), CBS (7) and SNF on NBC; Every market listed for regionals

CBS has the doubleheader as does Fox this final weekend of the season. Games galore, […]


Student of the Game: Marv Albert and Chris Webber good on game call; Entertainment lacks; They earn a B+

    For those not familiar or too young, Chris Webber, 46, was the NBA’s […]


The 11 biggest telecasts in NFL history, those that demonstrated the enormous power of the league

  From a fidgety black and white set in its early years to brilliant color […]


CBS’ Director Bob Fishman enters the Sports Broadcasting HOF 60 years after being inspired by Vin Scully

  In 1959 when Bob Fishman was ten years old living in the Virgin Islands, […]

Event Previews

NFL Week #16: Saturday, NFL Network has a tripleheader; Sunday Games: Fox 6, CBS 5 and NBC 1

  CBS is the single player, Fox the doubleheader. CBS’ Jim Nantz and Tony Romo […]

Event Previews

2019 College Bowl Season: Full TV schedule – Networks, Times, All announcers through 1/13 title game

College Football Bowl Schedule covering 2019-20 Full Bowl schedule for your referencing convenience. ESPN has […]


At least 119 sports voices, many big names, are 70+; Sportscasting is no longer a young person’s game

Some broadcasters think they’re beyond reproach. They refuse to recognize that the clock winds down […]


Sports Illustrated: A retrospective by 6 former writers on what was great and what went wrong

  October 3rd has a special meaning to sports fans, particularly fans of baseball. On […]


Celebrating the NFL’s 100th season: A baker’s dozen of the all-time best ‘team play-by-play announcers’

Radio was launched experimentally in 1921. The technology was a derivative of ship to shore radio […]

Event Previews

NFL Week # 15: Fox (7), CBS(7), NBC, ESPN and NFLN all at work; Regional markets and all talent listed!

No byes this weekend. All 32 NFL teams play. It’s Fox’ doubleheader. CBS has a […]