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SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio has fun with “Top Dog” Tourney; Fox’ Joe Buck lends his voice to the call!

SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio channel this week launched a one-of-a-kind tournament, to find the channel’s true “Top Dog”. The 16-dog bracket-style tournament pins the canine sidekicks of channel personalities and producers against one another and gives fans the power to select one, true, Mad Dog Sports Radio Top Dog.

Fans can cast their votes on @MadDogRadio on Twitter, and the competition kicked off Monday as channel namesake Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s mini golden doodle Riley was defeated in the first round by Dog Day Sports co-host and channel Program Director Steve Torre’s beloved golden retriever Bentley.

Intrigued by what he dubbed “the most anticipated event of our lifetime,” Joe Buck voiced a series of promo videos to ignite the feral-fanbases around the country:

The full tournament bracket, which also features the dogs of Morning Men co-host Mike Babchik, Schein on Sports host Adam Schein, Dog Day Sports co-host Danny Kanell, What’s Wright host Nick Wright, and several other hosts and producers, is available here:

For more information on the competitors, and to cast your votes, visit @MadDogRadio.

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