Justified or not? Announcers want to go on forever; Separating themselves from colleagues is tough!

Still alive, How are these doing? And left remaining, not by their own volition. These […]

From stars, Drysdale to Kell and Kaat to Hoyt, they evolved into the best sportscasters in America

A good number of Play-by-Play announcers were once high-level athletes. (This doesn’t include analysts […]

Not all voices 80 or older are still effective, be it play-by-play or as analysts; Others are right on it!

Those aged 80 and still working on game broadcasts. If I missed a few my […]

Curt Smith focuses on the 50s through the 70s; from characters like Bob Uecker through Bob Prince

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Bob Uecker, 51 play-by-play seasons with Brewers; A quipster, actor and a perfectly rhythmic radio voice

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Halby’s Morsels: Bob Uecker; Clay Travis; ESPN changes; TV and NBA’s early days; Glickman’s son passes

Bob Uecker In the third in its Sounds of Baseball series, MLB Network ran […]