The Sports Rivals’ podcast has a dandy, ’02 WS managers, Angels’ Scioscia vs. Giants’ Baker

MLB is back with a season like no other.

More memories and more stories will be brought to the long history of the game. 

Dusty Baker and Mike Scioscia have a story to tell.

Their history includes being teammates on the 1981 Dodger team.  Scioscia viewed Baker as a vital mentor in his career. Baker saw in Scioscia the drive to win and work at getting there-the kind of drive Baker has to this day.

Now they were a dugout apart. Baker managing the National League Champion Giants and Scioscia the AL champ Angels in the 2002 World Series.

Would they talk before the Series? What were they thinking when they looked across the field at a lifetime friend they were each trying to beat.

The Series would go seven games and the Angels would be World Champions, but this was a contest between two powerhouses where every decision mattered.

Would either have done things differently if they had a redo on those decisions? What are the memories for each manager that first come to mind about this Series?

After all these years, they revived the moments they felt most important.

Dusty will tell you about his 3-year-old bat boy son almost getting run over at the plate only to be saved by J.T. Snow.

Scioscia will tell how why he told his coaches not to talk to Dusty before or during the World Series and why he himself did not.

Most amazing, you are going to hear these two discuss with each other this World Series for the first time!!! They have never sat down to talk about these games;never!

That is one of the amazing aspects of this podcast venture. How often we find that times and games such as this that everyone assumes would have been resurrected between rivals over and over have gone untouched.

Dusty and Mike honestly share their memories with an underlying respect for one another that shines through.

Enjoy. This is a piece of baseball history you will find nowhere else.


2002 World Series | Giants vs Angels |



Angels win series 4-3

Dates       October 19–27, 2002

MVP            Troy Glaus (Anaheim)


Anaheim Angels 99-63   Manager Mike Scioscia 

San Francisco Giants  95-65   Manager Dusty Baker    

Umpires      Jerry Crawford (crew chief), Ángel Hernández, Tim Tschida, Mike Winters, Mike Reilly, Tim McClelland

ALCS          Anaheim Angels over Minnesota Twins (4–1)

NLCS          San Francisco Giants over St. Louis Cardinals (4–1)


Television         Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (Fox)
International     Gary Thorne and Ken Singleton (MLB International)


Radio (National)     ESPN – Jon Miller and Joe Morgan
KLAC (LA)Rory Markas and Terry Smith
KNBR (SF)Duane Kuiper, Joe Angel, and Mike Krukow


Gary Thorne

Gary Thorne is the television voice of the Baltimore Orioles. A native of Maine, Gary has done lots of play-by-play through the years including the NHL for ESPN. An attorney by training, Thorne's first MLB job was calling Mets games on radio in the mid 1980s.

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