Tim Brando sees college football post-season extending from 4 teams to the teens; TV$ growing


1) Georgia should breeze past an LSU team that’s at least a year ahead of Brian Kelly’s schedule but the Tigers coming off a bad outing at A&M could be dangerous. They have nothing to lose. A young LSU team in 2001 surprised #2 Tennessee to win the SEC Title and his team was also ahead of schedule. The Vols under Phillip Fulmer were never the same. So, it’s happened before.

2) Michigan is in a similar position going against a 4-loss Purdue team on a fast indoor track at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Frankly, this is actually a better opportunity for an upset. The Wolverines are just as Teflon tough for the CFBPlayoff win or lose.

3) TCU has been up to every challenge but this may be its most difficult chore yet. A rematch from a game Spencer Tillman and I had October 22nd in Ft. Worth. The Horned Frogs were 18 down before mounting a miraculous 2nd bad comeback. They’ve not looked back since. Kansas St. is dangerous and if the Committee can knock out TCU with a defeat, rest assured they will. Remember, Ohio St. is in on Pure Playoff Privilege.

4) USC must be given credit and Lincoln Riley too for an amazing debut season. Utah’s a bad matchup though. Yet I’m comfortable saying this is your upset of the weekend. The Utes are up to a better defensive effort. Again, Ohio St. is in if USC slips up and has to tiptoe out.

5) Ohio St. like Alabama in the past they sit, wait hope and are in if either #3 or #4 get knocked off.

6) Would the Committee reach down to Alabama, a team whose signature wins, are over name-schools all of which have at least three losses; Mississippi State, Texas and Ole Mississippi? If so, it would be the worst kind of proof of BRAND bias in this system.

7) Penn State’s James Franklin’s team finished strong after its loss to Ohio St.

8) Tennessee is one of the season’s great stories but those 63 points they allowed South Carolina leaves a bitter taste on Vols fans.

9) Washington has been one of the more ignored, spurned and undervalued this seasons of 2022.

10) Kansas State – Other than the non-conference loss to a quality Tulane team, it had an impeccable season. Look for the Wildcats to give TCU all they want in the BIG12 Championship.

Tim Brando’s view of playoff expansion: 12 schools? 16 schools? The Rose Bowl’s stubbornness!

This season was exhibit #A for a level of parity that’s existed for quite a while – but few bothered to notice it.

This week’s agreement with the Rose Bowl to be flexible with the all-important 3:30 kickoff ET on New Year’s Day time slot was done quietly and without much fanfare but it was a major stumbling block in planning a future 12 Team Playoff by no later than the 2026 season.

It would appear that now the Presidents are pushing the Commissioners toward a quicker conclusion of the current contract so that we can move the sport into the next generation of crowning National Titles. It’s likely that the TV partners moving forward will be multiple, rather than exclusively with one network.

It’s my belief, with that in mind, once negotiations heat up, the powers that be, will understand if they truly want BILLIONS they’ll consider 16 rather than 12. Ratings would soar with the TOP 4 teams involved in on campus, first round games, and it would not extend the calendar whatsoever!

We shall see!


Tim Brando

Tim Brando has covered college football and basketball nationally for 37 years. He began his network career at ESPN, before moving to CBS and is now at Fox Sports.. Brando is completely comfortable, be it on play-by-play or in the studio.

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