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How to Contribute

If you have a suggestion or an idea for an interesting article topic, please feel free to send an introductory message or an outline for pending approval. If the topic is green-lit for publication, the following conditions should be met:


  • Articles should be a minimum of 500 words. Submissions of any length will be considered depending on subject matter.
  • Subject Matter: Topics should be sports broadcast-related or relevant to sports industry news. This site does not directly cover sports events, tournaments, or athlete stats as there are many other outlets better suited to cover these areas. Recaps, reviews, interviews, opinions, and commentary are all fair game however.
  • Photos should ideally be larger than 600px and compressed for web formatting. Low-resolution blurry images may need to be substituted if they do not meet publishing quality standards.

Copyright and Accreditation

  • In order to be properly credited, authors should prepare a profile photo and short descriptive bio to be used in the article. Links to social media accounts, email, and personal websites may also be included if desired.
  • Photos, images, and any other content must have proper attribution and rights in order to be accepted.
  • Materials that have been previously printed or published require the written permission of the publishing company or original author to repost.

Web Formatting

  • To maintain a degree of topical consistency and quality control, articles may be subject to slight formatting revisions and review before publication.
  • An in-depth knowledge of web SEO is not mandatory, but any prior experience with online journalism would be beneficial towards improving overall article quality and overall page views. Introductory documentation on html web headings, long-tail keywords, anchor text, meta data, tags, internal links, and WordPress post formatting standards can be found via a simple Google search.
  • Researching, editing, and publishing content on a consistent weekly basis requires a lot of time and hard work, with a short turnaround period for recent news and major events. If submitting an article idea, please try to provide as much advance notice as possible in order to provide sufficient time to prep the content for online publication. This is greatly appreciated, especially during busy development cycles.

If you wish to promote or write on behalf of an agency, union, or company, please see our advertising policies for affiliate disclaimer information. Sports Announcers tries to be an impartial voice for the sports broadcast community, so we are obligated to reveal any paid endorsements.

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